What we do

After Dark Arts is a collective of artists working out of Portland Oregon
We create one-of-a-kind interactive art installations with a focus on play and whimsy
We leverage a variety of mediums to create satisfying experiences that inspire wonder
We turn fantasy into reality with panache and a splash of magic

What we've done

Fungully is a magical interactive fairy ring of five glowing, singing mushrooms. Each mushroom invites your touch, and responds with a unique glow and sound.

The Flamethrower Chandelier is perhaps the world's classiest flamethrower. Stare at the pretty lights then pull the chain to channel your inner dragon and shoot jets of fire up to eight feet tall.

The Dragon Twist Chandelier is an ornate, wrought iron and aluminum chandelier with 6 arms, each holding a 2 foot tall, 4 inch wide quartz tube containing a fire tornado. Built using traditional scrollwork, the chandelier is primarily renaissance inspired in style, but incorporates fire tornadoes for a dramatic juxtaposition of modern technology and traditional styling. More info coming soon.

The fire pit picnic table is just that: a picnic table with a fire pit built in! This table is always the spot to be wherever it is found, and rarely sports an open seat. Available for purchase here

We constructed two amphibious picnic tables for Shift Festival's legendary beach party. Functional on land, but more fun in the water. These extra-large tables are constructed from reclaimed cedar and heavy duty aluminum.

What can we do for you?

Want to see one of our installations at your event?
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